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Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think

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Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think

Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think

Rim jobs. Tossing salad. Eating ass. Anal cunnilingus. Oral-anal play goes by many names?some more euphemistic than others. But no matter what you want to call it, oral-anal play (which typically involves one person using their tongue and mouth to stimulate their partner’s anus) can be a seriously delightful?and safe!?addition to anyone’s sex life. And good news, it’s probably more sanitary than you’d expect, too.
First things first, what’s a rim job"
We’re not gonna mince words, here: Performing a rim job involves gently and slowly running your tongue in circles around the rim of the anus. If you want, and your partner desires it, you can also gently penetrate the anus with the tip of the tongue, increasing speed and pressure if it feels good for both of you. Other fun ways to play back there include: using a finger to penetrate the anus while doing some licking in between, or maximizing the pleasure experience by reaching forward with your hands and applying gentle pressure on the perineum or clitoris. Let’s put those multi-tasking skills to sexy use, shall we"
And why exactly would someone want to, well, eat ass"
Though we tend to associate sexual pleasure with our genitals, the truth is, there are stimulation-worthy areas all over our bodies?anuses, included. In fact, the anal region is actually rich in nerve endings, making it super sensitive to stimulation, according to Natasha Chinn, M.D, New Jersey-based OB-GYN. (Fun fact, the main nerve in your perineum?the area between the vagina and the anus, or the scrotum and the anus?is called the pudendal nerve. And only 20 percent of its nerve endings are motor fibers, according to Chinn; the rest are sensory fibers, meaning the nerve is basically a pleasure goldmine.) Plus, anal play can offer your partner easy access to the G-spot or P-spot, both controversial terms in the medical world. The G-spot, often referred to as a cluster of nerves that may or may not just be an extension of the clitoris (the metaphorical jury’s still out on this one), can often be found on the left side of the anterior wall of the vagina?where it can be easily stimulated by anal play, according to Chinn. The P-spot?more commonly known as the prostate gland?is a walnut-sized gland, located between the bladder and the rectum. The P-spot is recognized by many as the penis-owner’s equivalent of the G-spot (hence it’s name), and it can be stimulated by anal play, Chinn says.
In other words" There’s all kinds of pleasure potential just waiting to be untapped in the anal arena. So go ahead, if you want, and add “eating ass” to the bedroom menu.
Source: Instagram
OK, but is there any chance of me getting poop in my mouth during oral-anal play"
A common deterrent to oral-anal play" Poop. No one needs a science class to know that poop exits through our anuses, leaving them with kind of a bad?and honestly, gross?reputation...
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Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think Tossing Someone?s Salad Might Be More Sanitary Than You Think


News source: beauty high
Publication date: 31-03-2019 22:33
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