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A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again

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A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again

A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again

STARKVIND air purifier breaks new ground for IKEA.

Finally someone is thinking out of the air-purifying box. IKEA announced a new smart air-purifier that doubles as a side table. Or is it a table that also purifies air"

Either way, I love how it looks and hope it works just as well.

It’s not the first time IKEA introduced an air purifier. Earlier this year, IKEA launched the FRNUFTIG air purifier, with an attractive price point of $54.99. The FRNUFTIG was already miles better looking than conventional air purifiers.

That was until STARKVIND showed up.

Here again, IKEA displays its ability to blend “ugly” devices with home furnishings making it serve two functions. The 3-filter system is hidden under a round table top with a mesh network all around.

The power cord is neatly built into the leg.

My only peeve" The dial could have been more discrete.

Does it work like regular air purifiers"

According to IKEA, the STARKVIND is effective in capturing a range of pollutants — from big particles such as hair and dust to airborne fine particulate matter and gaseous pollutants.

The filter for particle removal is optimized to filter away approximately 99.5% of smaller airborne particles such as PM2.5 particles, dust, and pollen. The filter for gas cleaning absorbs various gaseous pollutants such as formaldehyde and other VOCs and reduces unpleasant odours such as from smoking and cooking.
STARKVIND air purifier is designed for indoor use and is best for rooms up to 20 sq. metres (215 sq. ft). You can use it on its own or connect it to the TRDFRI gateway. Then, the smart air purifier can be controlled and scheduled via the IKEA Home smart app.

STARKVIND air purifier has five different fan speeds and an auto-mode. In auto mode, it will adjust the fan speed correlated with the amount of PM2.52 in the air with a built-in air quality sensor. The sensor also makes it readable in the app for the current indoor air quality.

For those who prefer some flexibility, the STARKVIND is available in two versions. As a floor-standalone model and a side table model to meet different needs and taste.

Watch out for the STARKVIND air purifier, available at IKEA stores from October 2021.

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A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again A smart side table that purifies air" IKEA wins again


News source: ikeahackers
Publication date: 18-08-2021 21:31
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