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Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan

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Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan

Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan

Kennedy Nolan?s rendition of a family home in Ballarat, Victoria epitomises comfort and warmth in a lakeside setting.

Melbourne-based architecture firm Kennedy Nolan took a sophisticated and considerate approach to designing a home for a family of four. Together, they worked closely with the clients and builders to cultivate a space that is in tune with its environment and conducive to family life. Kennedy Nolan also wanted to pivot away from some of the more ?grandiose? houses along Ballarat?s lakefront, drawing them towards the cosy and nostalgic 70s-inspired style that the home embodies.

Occupying one of Ballarat?s sought-after lakeside sites, the clients wanted to showcase the home?s location while still maintaining a degree of privacy.?The design of this house was generated in response to the view, which was both a strength and a constraint,? Kennedy Nolan co-founder Patrick Kennedy says. The way the view continually evolves as light interacts with water and sky, Patrick says, is unparalleled. However, with this strength also came a challenge, whereby the home was left exposed to the road that wraps around the lake’s circumference.

To overcome this challenge, the front of the house has been elevated by half a level to maximise views onto the lake and minimise views into the home. Additionally, the high grasses that have been planted in the garden berm serve a dual purpose: decoration and privacy. These design responses ensure that residents can enjoy both uninterrupted views of the lake and seclusion from passing cars and pedestrians. In this way, Patrick says that understanding the site was ?the key to making a positive impact on our clients’ lives.?
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One of the two living areas, featuring the De La Espada Laurel side table, the Moda Piera Arancini floor lamp and the Tacchini Sesann sofa.

In addition to managing the tension between lake views and privacy, Kennedy Nolan were also faced with Ballarat?s extreme climate challenge. The regional city?s bitter winters informed a large part of the design process and material selection. Comfort and warmth, as such, were ‘...
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Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan Ballarat House by Kennedy Nolan


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Publication date: 23-06-2021 21:45
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