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Kerastase Résistance Extentioniste Shampoo and Conditioner R

My hair is damaged and dry. It’s my own fault really, I was the one that insisted on getting a loose body perm and then added a few highlights ...
05-07-2018 22:20

The Best Benzoyl Peroxide Skin Care Products

Benzoyl Peroxide is usually used in skin care products meant to treat acne, learn more about how benzoyl peroxide works in skin care. It is typically...
03-07-2018 22:25

Ren Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask Review

I have rosacea. It’s a bit mild, but my skin is still sensitive to certain skincare products, wind or sun exposure. My nose can turn red quickl...
03-07-2018 22:25

How Benzoyl Peroxide Works: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever used an acne treatment, you’ve heard of Benzoyl Peroxide. This is one of the most common active ingredients in skin care t...
02-07-2018 22:18

The Best Urban Decay Makeup: My Must Have Products

Urban Decay is one of the best makeup brands out there. They’re both trendy and classic, their shadow palettes have cult status and their face ...
27-06-2018 22:23

The Best Cheap Makeup Brushes from ELF

I recently shared my must-have makeup brushes, and you can head over there to read more about how to use each brush and check out other options at di...
25-06-2018 22:26

Pregnancy Safe Concealers

Once you’ve altered your skincare routine to feature only pregnancy safe skincare products, it’s only natural that next you’ll star...
22-06-2018 22:21

Must Know Hair Color Tips for Summer

My hair color is an investment, both in time and money. So one of the last things that I want to do is have my color fade or change because I haven&#...
20-06-2018 22:21

The Best Night Creams

It probably comes as no surprise that my most requested post lately is a list of the best night creams. I’ve written a lot about anti-aging ski...
18-06-2018 22:26

Want Great Cuticles at Home" Here are 12 Great Product

Great cuticles take a lot of work. This isn’t a once a week treatment, instead you need to take care of your cuticles multiple times a day to k...
15-06-2018 22:24

The Best Mattifying Shine Fighters: Primers, Powders and Set

It’s the middle of the summer, which means my face is a big shiny mess. Make is melting off by mid-day, and there’s definitely a lot of o...
15-06-2018 22:24

My Favorite Time Saving Beauty Products

I have to admit that I had a really hard time paring down my product list for this post! I restricted myself to a few product categories, and there a...
11-06-2018 22:30

Mistakes You?re Making In Your Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine

You’ve finally figured out what skincare products to use, you feel great. Your skin is glowy. Well, almost glowy. Kind of glowy" On a good...
08-06-2018 22:23

Over the Counter Retinoids: Why Your Best Retinol Might Not

If you’ve read about anti-aging skincare, then you’ll know that retinoids in general but specifically retinol are the gold standard for a...
08-06-2018 22:25

Drugstore Retinoids: Why Your Best Retinol Might Not Be A Pr

If you’ve read about anti-aging skincare, then you’ll know that retinoids in general but specifically retinol are the gold standard for a...
06-06-2018 22:17

Easy Sunscreen Reapplication: Seriously Fab?s Zinc It Over M

One of the questions I get asked most often is how to reapply sunscreen over makeup. I admit that I’m not a big fan of spray sunscreens typical...
05-06-2018 22:20

Pregnancy Safe Foundation

Now that my list of pregnancy safe skin care products has grown so large, most of the questions I’ve been getting actually are about pregnancy ...
04-06-2018 22:24

Perfect Skin in a Minute: Temptu Airbrush Makeup System Revi

A few weeks ago on Instagram I shared this picture of a Temptu airbrush makeup system, I had just received it, and I was so excited to try it out! I&...
01-06-2018 22:24

Pregnancy Safe Makeup: What to Use" When to Worry"

It probably is not a surprise that I get a lot of questions about pregnancy safe skincare and makeup. After all, I have a full guide to pregnancy saf...
18-05-2018 22:30

All the Curling Wands You?ll Ever Need: HSI Groover Master K

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite hair products.  I have to admit that since I write a lot about hair products I felt like I had...
14-05-2018 22:27

What?s is a Sleeping Lip Mask" Laneige Lip Sleeping Mas

I swear the moment that Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask was released, I started seeing it mentioned as a must have on beauty blogs, fashion blogs, even on ...
11-05-2018 22:22

Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist Review

One of my recent splurges during the Sephora VIB sale was the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. It has been sitting in my cart for months, and I full a...
07-05-2018 22:25

Battle of the Hydrating Masks: Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask v

Have you heard about the Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask yet" I swear I hear about this mask from someone, or I get asked about it, roughly once eve...
04-05-2018 22:20

The Best Sunscreens for Hair

I’ve written a lot about sunscreens in the past, and but somehow there is a sunscreen topic I have never covered. How should you protect your h...
02-05-2018 22:21

The New Skincare Cult Classics

Recently I was reading a magazine and they had an article on skincare cult classics that everyone must try. It was full of products that have been ar...
30-04-2018 22:30

Color Street Nail Polish Strip Review

We’ve all seen the different nail polish or manicure strips popping up in our Facebook feeds. Get a great manicure in just minutes! It looks pe...
27-04-2018 22:27

In the Pool: Why Your Hair Turns Green And How to Fix It

One of my favorite things about the summer is swimming. Whether you’re swimming in an ocean, lake, river or pool, hot weather just begs for a q...
25-04-2018 22:29

The Best Air Drying Tips for Your Hair

It sounds so easy, doesn’t it" Just letting your hair dry itself should be no nonsense and hassle free, right" Unfortunately taking t...
23-04-2018 22:26

Recent Sephora Picks

This weekend Sephora is holding the rest of their Spring Beauty Event, which means that if you are a Beauty Insider you get 10% off your order, VIB a...
22-04-2018 22:21

Pregnancy Safe Foundation Primers

I’ve written a lot about skin care products that are safe to use during pregnancy, but not much about other beauty products that are safe to us...
20-04-2018 22:27

My Favorite Glitter Nail Polishes

I love to add a bit of bling to my manicure, whether that is with a full manicure or just an accent nail, it is hard to resist a bit of sparkle. Here...
18-04-2018 22:33

The Best Products for Air Drying Your Hair

In the last year or so a lot of new hair styling products specifically geared toward air drying your hair have been released, and let me tell you tha...
13-04-2018 22:23

How to Apply Your Skincare in the Right Order

We all spend a lot of money on our skincare, and unfortunately if you’re not using it correctly, you aren’t getting your money’s wo...
11-04-2018 22:31

What to Buy At Sephora?s Spring Bonus Event

Are you a Sephora Insider yet" If you aren’t, now is the time to sign up. Why" Because they’re about to have their Spring Bonus...
10-04-2018 22:22

Easy Steps to the Best Sunless Tan

I’ve been using sunless tanners for years to achieve the perfect mid-summer glow. My least favorite part of using self tanners is discovering s...
09-04-2018 22:26

The Best Sunless Tanners for Pale Skin

I have super fair skin. I can spend a really long time outside and only gain a few freckles for my trouble. Hours and hours of tanning in my teens ne...
09-04-2018 22:26

Lash Serum 101: Things No One Tells You

So, you’ve finally decided to try a lash serum. Maybe you’ve always wanted super long lashes. Or you’re tired of using false lashes...
06-04-2018 22:23

How to Maintain Your Hair Color: Avoiding Green, Brassy and

Recently I shared some tips from Brad Johns on how to keep your blonde hair looking great, but note that many of these tips will actually work for ot...
04-04-2018 22:26

Super Easy Flat Iron Curls with GHD

We all want the perfect curls, right" Long, beautiful cascading curls. Or maybe perfect beachy waves… I have to admit that my ideal is mor...
02-04-2018 22:32

The Best Bright Purple Nail Polishes

I’m a sucker for purple nail polish. I have a huge range, from very light lilac to bright purple and deep vampy purple. I find bright purple na...
30-03-2018 22:25

The Ultimate Blonde Hair Tips from Brad Johns

This post was originally published back in 2008, but the advice from Brad Johns is just as good today as it was back then. And yes, he is still the f...
28-03-2018 22:28

7 Tips For Treating Adult Acne That No One Ever Told You

I had acne as a teenager, and I can definitely say that it had a huge effect on my self esteem. My skin finally cleared up quite a bit when I hit my ...
26-03-2018 22:29

What Makeup a Celebrity Hair Stylist Packs

Since Spring Break time in here (finally!) I am obsessing over travel beauty and makeup bags! Recently I shared my current travel beauty obsession, t...
23-03-2018 22:29

5 Fast Hair Masks That Work in Under 5 Minutes

I’m a big fan of hair masks and intensive hair treatments. But, I usually don’t have time for the whole “slather this in your hair,...
23-03-2018 22:29

The Best Tips for Volumizing Hair

I have a lot of hair on my head. Probably enough for four people. But somehow, despite all of that hair, I seem to fight flat, limp hair. I’ve ...
21-03-2018 22:29

The Perfect Pink Blush for Spring: NARS Free Soul

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite blushes for spring. If you follow me on Instagram, my favorite blush shouldn’t be a surp...
19-03-2018 22:30

Pregnancy Safe Facial Sunscreens, BB and CC Creams

One of the major issues I’ve been having in discussing pregnancy safe skincare is sunscreen. I feel like I tell everyone that emails me that th...
15-03-2018 22:27

Pregnancy Safe Sunscreens

One of the hardest to find products in pregnancy safe skincare is sunscreen. Today I’m sharing the results of an exhaustive search for pregnanc...
15-03-2018 22:27

The Getaway Makeup Clutch: The Best Travel Bag for Makeup

Just yesterday I shared the new Getaway Makeup Clutch on Instagram, and it just so happened to be the same day that I was sharing the best new travel...
13-03-2018 22:27

How Hydroxy Acids Work in Skincare

Some of the most frequently used skin care additives these days are Hydroxy Acids. Think of how many times you have purchased a product with an alpha...
11-03-2018 22:21

How do Retinoids Work in Skincare"

So, the big question is “why is everyone always so excited about retinoids"” How do retinoids work in skin care and are they really ...
11-03-2018 22:21

How do Shampoo and Conditioner Work"

How do shampoo and conditioner work" In many ways, shampoo is simply a body wash, with slight modifications to improve it’s performance fo...
11-03-2018 22:21

Kiehls Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Review

I’ve review a lot of hand cremes over the years, but I keep coming back to this one. At work we can use some pretty harsh hand soap (need to ki...
10-03-2018 22:21

Winter Skin Recovery: Dove DermaSeries Review

Despite all of my best efforts, the harsh winter has taken a toll on my skin. I’ve been using my moisturizer faithfully, have turned down the t...
09-03-2018 22:34

NARS NARSissist Wanted Cheek Palettes Review and Swatch

I’m a big fan of NARS blushes. Their Orgasm blush is an icon for a good reason! The colors just seem to really work, always. They are pigmented...
08-03-2018 22:20

Non-Liquid Beauty Products to Save 3-1-1 Bag Space

The TSA’s 3-1-1 rule has been around for years, but I struggle with paring down my beauty products enough to be able to travel without checking...
07-03-2018 22:20

My Favorite Purple Nail Polish

Today for Makeup Wars we’re sharing our favorite Pantone Purple. I have to admit that I’ve decided to cheat a bit, because I actually fin...
05-03-2018 22:18

5 Must Know Glitter Nail Polish Tips

The Secret to Applying Glitter Nail Polish It looks so pretty in the bottle, but what is the secret to getting the glitter nail polish to actually ap...
02-03-2018 22:15

How to Correctly Apply Sunscreen

Sure, you have probably been “just fine” slathering on your sunscreen at the beach. But did you notice big spots that you missed later, o...
28-02-2018 22:26

8 Full Spectrum Facial Sunscreens

Today I’m sharing full spectrum facial sunscreens. You can check out what a full spectrum sunscreen is here. They are surprisingly difficult to...
26-02-2018 22:22

Full Spectrum Body Sunscreens

Today I’m sharing full spectrum facial sunscreens and I thought it only made sense to add in some full spectrum body sunscreens!. You can check...
26-02-2018 22:22

Why Full Spectrum Sunscreen is Better Than Broad Spectrum

If you have read many of my sunscreen posts, you’ve likely noticed that I make a big distinction between broad spectrum and full spectrum sunsc...
26-02-2018 22:22

12 Common Sunscreen Mistakes

I’ve written a lot about sunscreen over the years, with good reason. It’s the #1 thing you can do to prevent damage to your skin, the lar...
24-02-2018 22:18

The Secret to Picking The Right Sunscreen

With so many sunscreens on the market, it is really hard to select one from all the masses to be “your” sunscreen. There are a lot of fac...
24-02-2018 22:18

Long-Haul Flight Beauty Tips

Even a couple of hours on a plane can wreck havoc with your hair, nails and skin. More than a few hours on a plane makes me a dried up prune, so I...
23-02-2018 22:16

Lash Serum 101: How do Prostaglandins Work"

It’s no secret that the lash serums out there really do work. All you need to do is look at your Facebook feed, chances are some high school fr...
21-02-2018 22:17

Drugstore Steal: Wet n Wild Eye Shadows

Today for Makeup Wars we’re featuring our favorite products from Wet ‘n Wild. While there are some great finds in this drugstore makeup l...
19-02-2018 22:16

Olay Skin Advisor: What?s Your Skin Age"

I write a lot about skincare, and as a result I get a lot of questions from readers about how to decide what skincare products to include in your own...
14-02-2018 22:14

Space NK Spring Event: What to Stock Up On

It’s coming, the Space NK Spring 2018 event! They’ve held this the last few years, the Spring Beauty Edit has experts from some of their ...
12-02-2018 22:20

The Best Eye Shadow Primers

One of my every day “must use” makeup products is my eye primer. If I’m going to apply eye shadow, then I spend an extra minute to ...
06-02-2018 22:18

The Epidermis

The epidermis is our outermost layer of skin, and can vary in thickness from 0.05 mm (eyelids) to over 1.5 mm (soles of the feet). There are no blood...
06-02-2018 22:21

The Subcutaneous Tissue

The subcutaneous tissue is the last of our skin layers to review. This layer contains a lot of blood vessels and nerves, and provides a lot of suppor...
06-02-2018 22:21

Must Have Favorite Travel Beauty Products

I love to travel, but you can imagine that as a beauty addict (I definitely qualify as one) I am super high maintenance when it comes to packing my b...
05-02-2018 22:23

Woman by Ralph Lauren Review and Notes

Do you remember Lauren by Ralph Lauren back in the early 1990s" A friend of mine in high school had it, and I remember wearing it whenever I wen...
04-02-2018 22:15

Pantone Spring color posts

The post Pantone Spring color posts appeared first on 15 Minute Beauty Fanati...
04-02-2018 22:15

Best Foundation Primers

For the last few years I’ve had a product obsession that I haven’t really discussed much here on the blog, which is a bit surprising. I&#...
31-01-2018 22:21

Quick Foundation Tip from Jake Bailey

I’ve been updating old foundation posts here on the blog today, and I came across this post from exactly 10 years ago. It features a fast found...
29-01-2018 22:17

Winter Favorite: First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review

I haven’t really mentioned it on the blog, but at the beginning of the year major changes were made to the way my schedule works at work. I now...
22-01-2018 22:22

Kate Somerville?s Detox Daily Cleanser Review, A Little Holl

Kate Somerville is the skincare guru to the stars. Chances are she’s seen and many of the stars in the week before they hit the red carpet. Som...
21-01-2018 22:27

How Soap and Cleansers Work

If you use nothing else on your skin, I know you do use a cleanser! There is a huge array of products out on the market, with many different price po...
17-01-2018 22:19

Real Beauty Addict Favorite Products: Beth

Today I’m sharing more favorite beauty products from a real person, my friend Beth, who happens to blog sometimes over at PopCrush. She has a g...
16-01-2018 22:22

Winter Hair Pampering: Nexxus Bundle at Costco

I know that I’m not the only one whose hair is starting to act up lately. I’ve been working non-stop it seems over the holidays at my ...
15-01-2018 22:21

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Mary Kay Light, Reinvented Spring 2017 Collec...

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