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Chef Skinner

"The whole thing is HIGHLY suspect!!!"  Can I admit something"  When Chef Skinner said this in Ratatouille I broke into a fit...
11-12-2019 22:23

IGTV Makeup Tutorial Products

This look (tutorial here) came about because I am constantly asked how long it takes me to do my makeup. every single class I teach this question come...
04-12-2019 22:24

For Her Gift Guide

Buying for yourself or the special women in your life just got easier! Here are some awesome ideas that are inside and outside of the box. I prefer bo...
03-12-2019 22:19

Ice Queen

For the first time in forever she accepted the pain, the hurt, the sorrow.  She felt them and let them become apart of her healing.  No loge...
22-11-2019 22:27

Beddy's Beds

Opening thought: The moment you realize your little girl is ready for a big girl bed.Closing thought: The moment you realize your little girl is ready...
22-11-2019 22:27

Creepy Wooden Doll

She was a doll, just a doll....or was she"  This was SO much fun to do!!!  I even scared my girl @jordanbreee and my cute mom...
19-11-2019 22:24

Mariah Carey

There\'s a hero if you look inside your heart.  You don\'t have to be afraid of what you are...-Mariah Carey?How is your NY resolution going"...
19-11-2019 22:24

Freddy Mercury

Nothing really matters.......  "I\'ve had my share of sand kicked in my faceBut I\'ve come through" - QueenKev and I went to see Bohemi...
19-11-2019 22:24

Lady Elaine Fairchilde

Boomerang, toomerang, soomerang!!!!!! Who else rembembers this iconic, albeit scary, icon from Mr. Rogers neighborhood"  She frightened me a...
13-11-2019 22:24

Throwing a Spooktacular Witches Night

In my mind there are five things that truly make a great party. A party where, when you leave, you can\'t stop talking about it and can\'t wait for th...
12-11-2019 22:35

Clean Products For Your Face

You guys asked and I\'m ANSWERING!!!!! Cleaner products to take off my makeup and how I hydrate my skin. In the video I explain what I have switched t...
11-11-2019 22:31

Hair How To From a NON Hair Expert

As of late this has been my most requested tutorial!  Maybe it\'s not exactly a Makeup Monday but since I\'m making it up as I go, Makeup Monday ...
04-11-2019 22:31

Beetlejuice Wedding

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how grateful I have been to have you come and giggle at the transformations this month. I have love hearing a...
01-11-2019 22:33

Miss Argentina

?If I knew then, what I know now, I wouldn?t have had my little accident.? I was SO excited when Anne from @quirky.calligrapherand I finally met ...
30-10-2019 22:32

Evil Hag

?Now make a wish, and take a bite!? ? This old hag is live right now on Insta stories. I love that the last picture is me tempting @snapconf ...
29-10-2019 22:30

Mag's Assistant

Even though this movie totally creeped me out it still had moments of normalcy. Like, I really felt drawn to Gina Davis. She wore clothes like my mom,...
29-10-2019 22:30

Brows be Gone

Stop stop STOP!!!!!! We interrupt this Toy Story week to bring you VERY important and pertinent info to those about to embark on their Halloween makeu...
28-10-2019 22:42


? You just keep on pushin my love over the BORDERLINE ? Madonna is live in stories now. I was born in March of 1980 and grew up listening and dancing ...
28-10-2019 22:42

Shrunken Head

It was a dark and stormy probably wasn\'t but doesn\'t that sound good"""  My parents had left my older twin brothers t...
28-10-2019 22:42

I Love Lucy

I love Lucy....but for realz, I do! My grandma and I would watch them aaaaallllll the time together during my summers as a kid. We would sit and just ...
28-10-2019 22:42

Edward Scissor Hands

?I am not complete.? EdwardThis could very well be my FAVORITE I have ever done on myself. Just loved it........and now I think I?ll need to actually ...
28-10-2019 22:42

Creepy Baby

Sid was ?that kid? we knew in elementary school. Every class had one. That tough persona, the one who blew things up and was terrible to his siblings ...
27-10-2019 22:37


Benson....not Slappy, even though he looks like him ?! Benson and his crew were sooooooo creepy in this movie. There?s something about characters that...
24-10-2019 22:25

Bo Peep

Girl power much""" Bo Peep was such a signature character. A staple! I was heartbroken when they eluded to her leaving the series. That...
23-10-2019 22:26

Gabby Gabby

Welcome to Toy Story week!!!!! We are starting with the latest installment. Did ANYone else totally cry""""" I did, I may hav...
22-10-2019 22:33

Silence of the Lambs

?Brave Clarice. You will let me know when those lambs stop screaming won?t you"? Who else watched this in their younger years and only TWO nights...
19-10-2019 22:25

Poison Apple

?Now make a wish, and take a bite! Don?t let the wish grow cold.? I?ve wanted to do this poisoned apple for forever and I finally DID it!!!! What do y...
19-10-2019 22:25

Hannibal Lecter

Why did Hannibal Lecter not like clowns"Because they tasted funny. How gross is that"""" My 14 year old son came up with...
19-10-2019 22:25

It's All a Bunch of Hocus Pocus

?Unfaithful lover long since dead, deep asleep in thy wormy bed. Wiggle thy toes, open thine eyes, twist thy fingers toward the sky. Life is sweet, be...
19-10-2019 22:25

Wednesday Addams

"I\'m not perky." "I\'ll clean my room in exchange for your immortal soul."" You severely underestimate my apathy." ...&...
19-10-2019 22:25

Wicked Witch of the West

?I?m through accepting limits ?cause someone says they?re so. Some things I cannot change but till I try, I?ll never know.? Ever felt that way" Y...
19-10-2019 22:25

Disney Villains: Darla

?Fishy!!! Why are you sleeping"""? This week Darla kicks off our Disney Villains. She also kicks off HALLOWEEN month!!!!!!! Eeeeeeee!!!...
13-10-2019 22:28

Disney Villans: Ursula

(Announcer voice) Weeeelcome to a little thing we call Seeeee It Agaaaaaain SUUUUNDAAAAAY!!!!! It?s that day of the week where you get to, well, see i...
13-10-2019 22:28

Disney Villains: Yzma

?Oh, how shall I do it" Oh, I know. I?ll turn him into a flea, a harmless little flea. And then I?ll put that flea in a box, and then I?ll put th...
13-10-2019 22:28

Disney Villains: Cruella Deville

?I?m miserable darling, as usual. Perfectly wretched.? ??? I have loooonged to do a Cruella transformation for far too long. Dreams realized!!!! I was...
13-10-2019 22:28

The Bucketlist Family

I had the opportunity to transform the famous Bucketlist Family for the Halloween Party at Disneyland! I had so much fun with this. Check out their ta...
13-10-2019 22:28

Disney Villans: Chef

?The whole thing is HIGHLY suspect!!!?Can I admit something" When Chef Skinner said this in ratatouille I broke into a fit of laughter. What a fu...
13-10-2019 22:28

Disney Villains: Wicked Queen

Magic mirror on the wall, whoooo is the fairest one of all" This queen had the wrong idea about ?chasing pretty?, can I get an amen" Th...
13-10-2019 22:28

Our Family Pictures

Oh how I love taking our family pictures every year. I must admit though, that wasn\'t always the case. I don\'t always do the same things as everyone...
31-08-2019 22:17

My Go Tos For All Skin Types

Makeup MondayHere are my tried and true products that I use for all different skin types. Today I am focusing on primer, foundation, under eye conceal...
26-08-2019 22:20

Getting Rid Of Toxins In the Home

"Everything causes cancer." "I\'m good, I ate all of this when I was a kid and I survived." "I\'d rather do what I want and b...
07-08-2019 22:19

What Are You Wearing Under That"

PRIMERLet\'s talk about it. Primer is essentially just that, something to prime the face. To get it ready for the makeup you\'ll be putting on top of ...
20-04-2019 22:28

Cranberry Holiday Smokey Eye

GUYS!!!!! I love this makeup look. I love it sooooo much that when I wear it, I may overuse it to the tune of a whole WEEK! Ha ha ha ha. Of course, wa...
15-04-2019 22:36

Family Pictures 2018

I get down right GIDDY when I think about family pictures. The creativity that can go into it just gets to me every time. The makeup, the costumes, th...
22-10-2018 22:17

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